I'm not going to worry about looking 'meh' because I don't have hundreds of blogs each with dozens of comments. Every blog has to start somewhere I suppose. I'm writing this sorry excuse for an article to challenge myself to write some content. God knows I have enough content rolling around in my head. It's new territory for me. I have a lot of personal development and psychology experience but its all been applied to myself.

So far I've been waiting until the sea parts and I become a wealthy business mogul to start my 'helping people' crusade. I've perpetually had a case of "I'll be happy when..." Well either 'when' would happen and I wouldn't be happy or I'd give up before I got there. 

I finally realized that I can be happy today. I can follow my dreams today. In fact, if I'm not happy and following my dreams it's unlikely I'll ever have any real success. It's unlikely I'll ever really live.

So if you are reading this thank you for investing your time at this early stage. I hope you will check back from time to time and be impressed by what's transpired. 

I will you all the best!